Join P226 for the 2021-2022 school year!

Before you join P226 there are few things you should know:

  • Omar and Saleama are conservative Christians. Omar is a deacon at Bellevue Baptist Church. Saleama is a volunteer director of Children’s Ministry at Bellevue Baptist Church. Both Omar and Saleama have degrees in Theology. We understand everyone has their own beliefs but please understand Omar and Saleama lead P226 and plan events that will honor God. You do not have to believe what Omar and Saleama believe to join P226 but we ask that you respect their leading and ensure your children and family speak and demonstrate love and encouragement whenever you attend a P226 event.
  • Your family membership fee is a nonrefundable yearly fee.
  • With the rise of homeschooling many families are now homeschooling families outside of their own family. If you homeschool a family outside of your own, and if you plan to bring them to P226 events, you will have to register them as a separate family. If you have questions about this please let us know.

  • P226 attempts to organize very affordable family field trips; some are free and some have a fee. There are no refunds on field trips which require a fee. The venues we pay cannot refund us – therefore, we cannot issue refunds on paid field trips. Only in extreme family emergencies will refunds be issued for field trips. Or if P226 has to cancel and event we will issue a refund in that case. This has been a long standing guideline and has never been an issue with families, however, we always want to make everyone aware prior to joining.
  • All field trips which require payment is due when you sign up for the field trip. In other words, we do not pay upon arrival. Some venues require upfront payment and or deposits to secure field trips on their end.
  • Grandparents, caregivers, or a family member can accompany your child on a field trip if parent is unavailable to attend.
  • Friends or family who are not members of P226 (this includes friends or family you are homeschooling), they cannot be invited to attend P226 sponsored events. Please encourage your friends or family to join P226, and or please register them as a P226 family.

  • We encourage you to please check your schedule before signing up for field trips and please add all field trips you sign up for to your calendar. We have very low tolerance with signing up for events yet not showing up without the common courtesy of an email or phone call. Please be considerate and check your schedule before committing to an event.

  • All communication through P226 is via email – so please be sure to provide valid information so that you can be aware of all P226 communication.
  • After you have filled out the registration form and have paid the membership fee, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours with details of upcoming events that are open for registration.

Come Join the Fun!

After submitting your form please pay the membership fee below.

Please note, if you are homeschooling a family outside of your own family, and you plan to bring them on P226 events, you will need to register them as a separate family in P226.

2021-2022 Family Membership Fee

$27.00 Membership Fee. $2.00 service fee.


If you do not have a PayPal account you will be asked you to login as a guest with a one-time passcode.