join p226: 2022 -2023

P226 is NOT:

  • a school.
  • We do not teach your children required classes.

We are:

  • A Christian homeschool organization offering support on your journey in many areas including educational field trips and mentoring to help you teach your children and support your children through homeschooling.
  • We offer personal homeschool mentoring.
  • We offer field trips and workshops.
  • We offer park days open to all ages and grades.
  • We offer monthly resource meetings.

We do not offer…

  • Grade specific weekly meetups.

P226 has been in existence since 2017 with over 275 families. P226 families have enjoyed attending fields and outings together as a family no matter the ages/grades of students. Visit our home page to see a list of the summer and early fall events already planned for 2022 – 2023

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P226 2022-2023 fee:

$35 family fee. (PayPal fee will be added below)

  • Membership fee is from May 2022 – May 2023. There are no refunds.

Your family fee allows you to attend all P226 field trips, workshops, park days and monthly resource meetings and our private Facebook Group page to connect with others.

Please note; registrations will run May 2 – August 26, 2022. We will not accept registrations after August 26, 2022.

Please be sure to enter a valid email address and please double check your email address before submitting. You will receive a formal email confirmation within 24 hours which will give you access to our events page sign up password and private Facebook page.

Back to School Pool Party Part 2 August 2021

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Please double check your email address.
This question is to help us better connect families.
We will consider all field trip and event ideas, however, please note, all suggestions cannot be organized for various reasons, but we thank you for your suggestions.
If you are homeschooling a family outside of your own family, and you plan to bring them on P226 events, you will need to register them as a separate family in P226.
By joining P226 you agree with the Christian leadership of P226 and your family will do its best to enjoy time with others through positive reinforcement and encouragement. P226 is not a perfect organization, and we do not expect our families to be perfect. If you have any questions or concerns with P226 leadership or families we expect all families to resolve conflict with respect to the leadership, themselves and others in a way that brings honor to God. Our website is not automatic. You will receive a Welcome Email within 24 hours after paying for your membership. Please check your SPAM folder and please read the Welcome Email completely as it will include information to access our events page sign up.

Membership payment

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P226 2022 – 2023 Membership


Homeschool Mentoring

Do you need personal one-on-one advice on a specific area of homeschooling? P226 offers Christian-based online homeschool mentoring. It is no accident God has you on this journey with your children. You are the best teacher your child can have and through personal mentoring and His word, you will be empowered. P226 offers mentoring in the following areas:

  • Where do I start?
  • Curriculum
  • Reading
  • Special Needs
  • Co-op and tutorial advice
  • Homeschooling multiple children
  • Homeschooling older children
  • How to bring out their best
  • How to do I keep my homeschooler social

This service is available to anyone, anywhere with computer access. If you are a P226 member this service is NOT included, however, you do not have to be a P226 member to receive this service. You do not have to live in the Memphis area. This service is available to everyone. We do not offer legal advice. HSLDA can give you homeschool legal advice.

The sessions are $49 ($51.28 paying online) for 45 minutes for one subject. You will receive a formal confirmation and link. Your session will take place two weeks after registration.

There are no refunds once you sign up.

mentoring Payment

(Payment is not connected to the mentoring form. You will need to make your payment after submitting the mentoring form.)

Homeschool Mentoring